Street Children Charity Goa

Aaji "R-G"

Type : Bonnet Macaque
Sex : Female
Age : Approx. 3 Years old on arrival
Date of Arrival : 5th December 2010

She was found as n abandoned baby at a mine in Goa and has been kept as a much loved and spoilt family pet. Her owners however, realized she was not living a fulfilling life and needed her own species for company so they contacted John and she was brought to the Tree House.

She was clearly desperate to make friends with other monkeys and now shares a pen with Tansy, who has been nicknamed Bargey, argy-Bargey!

When she arrived she was badly over weight but thankfully took to swimming , although she eats more to compensate for the exercise. She also loves climbing trees.

Aaji is usually friendly with male handelers and likes to sit on thier lap. Like all monkeys however, she can occasionally be aggressive and can get jealous if not getting your full attention.


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